Ruled by planet Mercury and with Earth as the element Virgos are feminine and talkative. They are sincere and caring, sometimes excessively, making others think of these individuals as nagging personalities. Virgos are introverts, excessively protective at times, telling what to do and what not to do.

Virgos are perfectionists who look at their potential partners exploring them in every detail; in fact they are experts at measuring people in no time. Many will find this test as if passing through fire, but virgins are making sure that they are not hurt in future. But underneath the skin their conscience cries to stop assessing for perfection.

These Mercurians may look matured in their ruthlessness in assessing the people, but inherently they are child-like individuals who want safety in a relationship. It is also beneficial for the other individual as they get the hint about what challenges to expect in future life. If you are heads over toes to jump into long-term relationship with Virgos, you need to take approval of their parents first!

Virgos are family oriented individuals who make great parents. They are good at analyzing and organizing things and make astute professionals at work. Due to their critical and analytical nature, Virgos make great professionals. But excessive attention for details can push their team members into tizzy.

Professions such as teaching, engineering, banking, administration, programming, accounting, analyzing, writing, and editing jobs are best suited ones for these individuals. Controlling their urge to becoming control freaks can help them avoid unpleasant situations.

Birth - August 24 September 22
Ruling Planet - Mercury
Symbol - Virgin
Element - Earth
Element - Fire
Stone - Sapphire
Season - Summer

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