Suffering from persistent health problems or finding it difficult to save money? Do you know Vastu can influence your wellbeing? There are many such questions making one ponder, why they face hardships even when they take all precautions! Find answers to all your problems here in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu is an ancient system of Hindu architecture and construction that merges astrology with Panchabhoothas - Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), and Sky (Akasha). Earth is a living form comprising those elements, which are in turn controlled by nine planets. Vastu proposes that human body is also made of panchabhoothas, and living in harmony with these elements holds key to a peaceful living.

Vastu Shastra believes every element on earth emits radiation, and as a home is also made of those elements, its construction determines how that energy flows. A wrongly constructed home attracts negative energies and creates discordance in life, while a rightly planned home brings in positive aura and blissfulness to your life. This is not only limited to your home, it can affect any dwelling place, business, or office.

Vastu is an ancient knowledge derived from Vedas, developed the period between 6000 BC and 3000 BC. Simple things such as front door facing east or kitchen in the south-west can bring in morning sun rays into your home driving away disease-causing organisms. Vastu is a great knowledge which finds the link where ancient wisdom meets science and aesthetics meets healthy living.

Consult Pavan Guruji if there are any questions bothering you and your family. Get answers for all issues concerning Vastu Shastra related to your home, pooja room, kitchen, hospital, bedroom, study room, guest room, etc.
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