Taurus stands second in zodiac list coming next to Aries, but is not strong-willed to pursue things. They are not great leaders, but do not fall into the group of followers. Independent in mindset, Taureans like to spend time alone and are persistent when it comes to achieving things.

Taurus knows the threads of business and money-making and makes good businessmen. They know how to enjoy luxury life, eat all they want, and celebrate, but know where to draw line on their spending. Others may get an impression that Taureans are spendthrifts, but may fail to identify that they have great business mindset.

Represented by bull they make good life partners, trustworthy and dedicated. Sensitive in nature, Taurus are easily hurt by the words, and cut themselves from the world. If you love a Taurean be prepared to accept their protective and possessive nature, and accept surprising gifts.

As they have traits of ruling planet Venus and element Earth, are feminine in nature, calm, and caring. Influences of these planets make them pursue materialistic pleasure. If you want to win their hearts, pamper them with good foods and wait patiently, as they are foodies and would not haste in relations.

Birth - April 21 - May 21
Ruling Planet - Venus
Symbol - Bull
Element - Earth
Stone - Emerald
Season - Spring

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