Attractive, strong, zealous, and sexy personality is the visible attribute of Scorpios, the eight zodiac sign. At the outset they may look soft, but inside they are hard and strong-willed. Their passion, intelligence and commanding nature makes them dominating individuals in personal and professional lives. The first ruling planet Mars imparts masculine nature, whereas second ruling planet Pluto gives Scorpions the ability to understand people’s mind.

Also called Vrishchika, Scorpios are great lovers and friends. Scorpio men or women are trustworthy in terms of relation, but if they decide to walk away nothing can stop them. If you ever stir their trusts consider that you have made a formidable enemy for yourself. Intelligent and strong-minded, scorpios conceal their ideas so well that everyone flunks to understand them. This attitude makes them powerful performers in workplace whereas in personal life their partners may experience frustrations.

Scorpios are great intellectuals and would never resort to cheap tricks such as blandishing their superiors for gains. They are polite, disciplined, and fun-loving individuals who take a balanced path towards success. They act self-centered if frustrated, and may walk over others. One who makes Scorpio a friend also makes loyalty a companion for life, but if someone chooses to cheat, harm, or hurt him or her, they seal the deal of enmity for lifetime.

Scorpios are highly protective towards their loved ones and may turn dangerous against those who hurt them. Ability to understand others’ subconscious minds make them great therapists. But they are also found in other fields such as journalism, business, defence, and engineering.

Birth - October 24 - November 22
Ruling Planet - Mars, Pluto
Symbol - Scorpion
Element - Water
Stone - Topaz, Opal
Season - Fall

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