Ruled by Jupiter, this eighth zodiac sign shows luck and expansion. They are adventure seekers who value freedom and love to travel. Sagittarians are philosophers whose perception pierces the superficial messages, seeking out to understand the hidden messages and meanings. Even though Dhanus get distracted initially they make trustworthy spouses and friends. Innocent in nature, failures hardly can break Sagittarians’ confidence as they persistently try to achieve things. Their frank, selfless, and caring attitude can make them excellent friends. Doublespeak is never their cup of tea, as they do not subscribe to it or sell it.

In romance, a Sagittarian man attracts many women due to his adventurous nature. He gets involved with many women just for the thrill of pursuing, an ideal partner for the woman who wants likes to be free. A Sagittarian woman likes to laugh, talk, tell you more about their stories, and involve in adventurous or outdoor activities.

Sagittarians value personal space and expect freedom in all situations, whether it is personal or professional life. Too many restrictions can limit their abilities and make them frustrated. They seek for justice and do well in professions such as medicine, teaching, research, and media. They fluctuate between religious and atheist thoughts.

If a task takes too much time to complete, Sagittarians are the first to get bored. They like to move from one task to the other fast, and explore many things and gain knowledge. But they pressures only brings the best out of them, making them efficient players in times of adversity.

If you want to work with them give them freedom and be prepared to expect surprising results. In relations they are more of giving type and ensure their partners are happiest.

Birth - November 23 – December 21
Ruling Planet - Jupiter
Symbol - Bow
Element - Fire
Stone - Topaz
Season - Fall

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