Fishes swimming in opposite directions is the symbol used for this twelfth zodiac sign. Hovering between reality and fantasy these gentle folks they are gentle and introspective. Any harsh behavior would push them to melancholies. But this does not get them lost in ways, as their deeper side takes control and gets them involved in creative activities.

As Uranus rules Pisceans, they mysteriously share attributes of other 11 zodiac signs. This identity of Pisceans remains under the covers most of the times, but surface when they are alone. They involve themselves in creative ways and let go of their blues.

Pisceans love water and would anytime love a great swim to bounce back to life with great energy. They avoid conflicts and live the life flowing with waves. They look for authoritativeness in love to guide them, and keep them protected.

Pisces are delightful individuals who care, nourish, and believe love is about sacrifice and giving. They are spiritual and make dedicated and trustworthy partners. These water lovers are sensitive and take pains to understand others’ point of view and respond with views that are agreeable to all.

Life’s ups and downs affect the fishes; relations in the world may seem hurting at times pushing them to embrace celibacy. But this does not mean they are weak, but strong individuals who can become fearsome when it comes to defending their emotions and young ones.

In professional life they make wonderful poets, writers, actors, and musicians. Being easy-going individuals they may seem as out of water when it comes to leadership roles. Overcoming sensitiveness and self-doubt can hold key to assume leadership positions.

Birth - February 19 – March 20
Ruling Planet - Neptune, Jupiter
Symbol - Two Fishes
Element - Water
Stone - Aquamarine
Season - Winter

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