Who will be your perfect life partner? Will you meet your better half this year? Will the differences between you and your spouse end? How will be your childrenís academic performance this year?

Marriage is a blissful moment when you will be bonded with your beloved partner forever. Choosing the right partner will add beauty to your life, whereas wrong one can lead to sorrows. Will your marriage life be smooth or full of challenges and obstacles? Get answers to all your questions on marriage in astrology.

Children bring happiness to your life with all their innocence, playful spirit and love. They forge the bond between their parents and add colors to their lives. You care for their future, want them to gain knowledge and become strong enough to support themselves. Know about your childrenís future with Pavan Gurujiís help and plan well for their future in advance.

We face many such questions in our life which can make us wander away from the right path. Some never reach their goals because they take wrong decisions and follow paths that only lead them to disaster and sufferings. These are the questions that can bite through human lives, shatter them before they realize they have reached a stage of no return.

Effects of your ruling planets and elements can have considerable influence on your married life. Just like the way tides rise, affected by the Moon, towards the sky, planets strongly influence our lives. They were there when you were born and will continue to do so in future constantly moving and driving everyone crazy.

Get Pavan Guruji's guidance and steer clear through your lifeís obstacles.

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