Libra has masculine trait with Venus as the ruling planet and air as the elemental nature. Scales represent the balancing nature of Libras, showing them as compromisers when it comes to relations. They would sacrifice something to protect bondings, which make them great spouses, family persons, friends, and team players.

Libras weigh right with wrong and take decision giving balanced judgment, not caring even it hurts them. In their mission to find a perfect mate they may constantly weigh people’s vision and personalities. Their straightforwardness and trustworthiness wins them many friends who will remain with them for years.

These Venusians are the balanced individuals who may not hesitate to cross the seas in search of perfect mates. Lookswise they are attractive and may even sport dimples on their cheeks. Rushing into relations is not a cup of tea for Librans.

Libras look for peace and balance, and you may often find these people avoiding conflicts. But when it comes to protecting dear ones or justice, these daring individuals would not hesitate to put up fight. They are selfless and extend their support to the needy.

With a trait that makes them value fair play, Libras are usually found in banking and finance, legal, and civil services. But for a balanced personal life they need to keep aside some quality time for loved ones. Being excessively careful about life can prevent Libras from enjoying many delights of life. Avoiding this aspect helps them avoid disappointments in later parts of life.

Birth - September 23 – October 23
Ruling Planet - Venus
Symbol - Scales
Element - Air
Stone - Quartz, Marble, Diamond
Season - Fall

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