Ruled by Sun and with fire element, leos are extrovert, courageous, and brave. They are possessive in terms of love. Leos are family oriented, love kids, and fiercely protective. They are charismatic leaders who are outgoing and joyful, capable of drawing everyone’s attention. Leos are confident in decision-making, who feel they are always right.

At times their dominating nature can create stress on others with rigid views. Leos are great leaders and trustworthy partners. Breaking their trust means inviting terrible wrath. Although their nature is to rule and they make great managers. They are self-disciplined and make good team players.

Leo is bold and would not hesitate to express his or her love. But unless there is a strong chemistry or spark in the relation the leo may not give it a damn. The person who loves Leo should take care not to hurt his or her pride, because Leo by birth is a ruler, whether in a relation or in a social settings.

Sun rules Leos and the Leo commands all others, and wishes to remain the center of your world. But he or she should take care not to get carried away by the fake individuals as in the long run such relations may hurt badly. If committed the king of the jungle pampers the person to an extreme limit.

Birth - July 23 – August 23
Ruling Planet - Sun
Symbol - Crab
Symbol - Lion
Element - Fire
Stone - Ruby
Season - Summer

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