Homas are a part of Hindu rituals mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures such as Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita. As Agni, Fire God, cleanses the mind and the soul, offerings for the deity through him. They are the holy rituals conducted around Agni in the open space or inside homes to appease various Gods. Based on the deity the mantras and offerings may vary.

Astrology believes people own karmas of past life and ancestors by birth, which may affect their future life. Besides that movements of planets may also influence good or bad happenings in life. Homas cleanse our life of bad karmas and bring good changes to life. Purposes such as reducing the ill effects of Vaastu dosha, Sarpa Sanskara, Shani dosha, etc., form some of the reasons for homas.

Besides our past deeds our present bad karmas, happened knowingly or unknowingly, may also affect us. One may see their effects through happenings such as financial loss, loss of lives, accidents, etc. Aayushya, Mrutyunjaya, Durga, Chandika, Gayathri, Rudra, Ganapathy, Sudarshana, Shani Deva, Gruha pravesha, Navagraha, and Vaastu homas are some of the offerings made to the Gods to reduce the effects of our bad karmas and start life in a better way.

One should make sure that the rituals followed while conducting homas need to be strictly as per scriptures and pure minds, failing which its purpose may not successful. Consult Pavan Guruji to find a suitable homa that can cleanse your life of future mishappenings.

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