Gemini is the third zodiac sign, represented by twins. Ruled by Mercury they are talkative, and involve in professions that need interacting with people. As they always look for something different, get bored with routine work or lifestyle.

If you stumble across someone keen on sharing interesting things happening around the world, chances are that the person is a Gemini. They are always on the lookout for interesting people and places and ready to help anyone who comes with problems which are not personal. Surprisingly they will get bored and baffled if they do not able to explore anything new.

Geminians are two individuals thinking in different ways, which becomes visible in their work or social life. These twins are as intellectuals by their friends and colleagues as they look at things in different perspectives, giving a powerful direction to an idea. These individuals make great team players both in sports as well as professional life.

Even though Geminians have affinity towards their opposite sex, their flame hides below ashes, making the other person confused! They do make a great life partners, caring for their families and dear ones. They prefer equality in marriage and would like to pursue their career along with family.

A Gemini woman may keep a man testing forever until she decides to give a green signal, whereas a Gemini man may not allow a dominating woman into his life. Experts at handling tasks their interesting personality attract a big list of friends. Due to Mercury and Rahu, they may often experience health upsets.

Birth - May 22 June 21
Ruling Planet - Mercury
Symbol - Twins
Element - Air
Stone - Moss Agate
Season - Spring

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