Goats by nature, Capricorns are forward-looking and growth seekers. Born with wisdom, these individuals look matured among their peers, but as age passes they transform into lively and cheerful individuals. Donít be surprised about their persistence to inch towards goals when life turns to rough tracks. It is because it is the slow and steadily moving Moon which affects the Capricorn.

Selfless in nature, they make great friends, helping their friends in times of troubles not waiting for anything in return. In love life a Capricorn male is a loyal partner, who may seem emotionless or blunt at the outset, but deep down he yearns to involve in a romantic relation. A Capricorn woman may not express her love, but once she is in a relation takes control and guides it carefully.

Capricorns greatly value love and bonds of relations, so you may often see them brooding about marriage and future life with family. But this does not limit their performance in their work life as they can commit themselves and put duty and moral values above everything, even love! They care for coworkers and are sensitive, but can behave as strict proponents of quality.

These sea creatures (the sea goat) value sensual pleasures and are the connoisseurs of great meals and drinks. They have abilities to care and heal others but sometimes become selfish enough to walk over others views. Their feet remain grounded but from the inside they look towards something big. It is always better for Capricorns to keep themselves away from excessively put materialistic pleasures above all other things in live.

Birth - December 22 - January 20
Ruling Planet - Saturn
Symbol - Goat or Crocodile as per Hindu zodiac
Element - Earth
Stone - Amber, Onyx
Season - Winter

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