Cancerians as their symbol crabs are tough outside but caring and protective from the inside. They are mysterious and unpredictable just like a crab moves. As Moon and Water affects this sign, Cancerians show feminine qualities such as loving and caring attitudes towards their loved ones as well as fellow workers.

Crabs are helpful and protective when it comes to others, but would avoid conflicts when faced by one themselves. Home draws them closer, and they find happiness in following traditions or having a nice meal with dear ones. Their patriotism may surprise many, as they openly express their love for their country.

They are the ones who are the first move by emotions, like waves they bring out their emotions to others. But they are also the tough willed individuals who try to get things in their way. Failures to put forth their views or get things done can push them to their shells.

They love to involve in team games as such games give them a feeling of togetherness or belonging. Water games are even better as they feel connected to their home. If your Cancerian friend is angry or dejected, give some time to recuperate as they will not leave their home until they are of going out.

In these changing times of insecurities a Cancerian strongly feel the urge to take only the relation that leads to marriage. This may keep this loyal man or woman lonely for years. A cancerian woman value loyalty, see through your words and understand what you are easily, while the man approaches you with care to getting rejected. Relation with this woman is may leave you fulfilled for life, while with this man it means being protected and cared by a warrior.

Birth - June 22 July 22
Ruling Planet - Moon
Symbol - Crab
Element - Water
Stone - Pearl
Season - Summer

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