Standing at the beginning of the Zodiac Chart are the Aries with the personality of rams, ready to plunge at things they like to do. They are free-willed but rational and have own opinions about right and wrong. They genuinely care for their subordinates and make great leaders.

Aries are bad at following as they look ahead at their aims rather than treading someone’s guidelines. Rarely they may turn selfish and throw tantrums at their subordinates. They are ambitious and aim at becoming successful.

With delay in success, they may easily lose interest in winning and become irritative. Even though they are rational, may take wrong ways to achieve success. They attract others due to bubbly nature, but may attract contempt when they speak without giving a thought about hurting others’ feelings.

Aries are impulsive and romantic, and would not hesitate to express love feelings. This trait may often see them hurt when their feelings are not reciprocated. But be prepared to get pampered excessively if you feel the same for them.

Rams have high sexual urges and may take hasty decisions often ending up in relations that never suited them. In friendship their direct approach may hurt many, but frankness earns them big list of friends. However they make great parents, always ready to go extreme to protect their kids.

As Mars rules and fire represents Aries, you are aggressive and masculine in nature ready to take everything headstrong. Sometimes, more than acting on things, you may find yourself procrastinating or talking.

Birth - March 21 – April 20
Ruling Planet - Mars
Symbol - Ram
Element - Fire
Stone - Diamond
Season - Spring

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