Youth carrying water represents Aquarius, the 11 zodiac sign. Mysterious by nature just like their ruling planet Uranus, the Aquarians stand for humanity and against all suppression. They are modern, independent, and love freedom which makes them different from others.

Adventurers and discovers by nature, these attractive individuals are always on lookout for something, a great cause for social good. Even though Aquarians attract opposite sexes, they may not lose themselves excessively romantic thoughts like Pisceans do. Aquarians have a distinct charm among their acquaintances in the society.

When in a relation they like to live in their isolated world and do not like someone to knock it. But in the external world they are more open to others’ opinions, accepting everything, making others to complain them as not firm in ideas. Even though they are impartial by birth, circumstances turn them to wicked individuals.

These individuals have limited friends, the reason for which is they are constantly drawn towards their goals. Keep away thoughts of lying to your Aquarian friend or colleague as they can easily see through the veils of lies. When in romantic relations they are lively and captivate the opposite sex with their charming nature.

Aquarians are fearless and would not mind taking risks for their loved ones. They may challenge tradition and walk in a revolutionary path. When it comes to caring and understanding friends, family and near and dear ones, Aquarians go to extremes and support.

Birth - January 21 – February 18
Ruling Planet - Saturn, Uranus
Symbol - Water Bearer
Element - Air
Stone - Amethyst
Season - Winter

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