Pavan Kaushik, warmly known as Pavan Guru Ji is a spiritual guru and leading astrologer from India involved in sharing the universal truths of the great spiritual masters of India. He is a visionary, humanitarian and a peace preacher. He has achieved Siddhi in the art of horoscopes, zodiac predictions, vaastu, and kundalis and provides solutions for spiritual ailments. Guruji has a wide clientele in the USA and India. His teachings are widely telecasted across various television channels. He founded the Sri Krishna Vrindavan Dham Ashram which has become the conduct of his work.

According to the ancient Hindu Vedas, your home or office vaastu can influence your wellbeing. It is essential to make sure there are no negative influences in the vaastu of your living space to ensure healthy mind, body, and soul. Pavan Guru Ji is a renowned expert in Vaastu Science and a noted proponent of the “Vaastu for Life” School of Thought.

Life brings unexpected turns leading to difficult paths making one ponder, how to come out of that maze! Unseen powers affect people’s lives bringing breezes of happiness and torrents of sorrow, which astrology identifies as caused due to the movements of planets. Pavan Guruji has deeply studied astrology over many years and provided remedies that have made people’s life better.

Astrology and allied sciences provide different angles to predicting future and providing solutions. As evidences of their accuracy many prophecies have come true increasing the trust of people over astrology. Similarly tarot reading may beautifully depict your present situation and the challenges that lie ahead.

Brahmaspeaks is an effort to give accurate and insightful predictions to help our customers face challenges with confidence. We provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes based on Zodiac signs. We have a finest collection of Rudraksha manis that drives away evil and brings good luck.
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